IT Infrastructure & Data Center Management

Beyond Innovation is working to provide excellence in developing your enterprise's IT Infrastructure and managing data center services. With the solutions offered at BI, our clients coming from various industries can enjoy reduction in system downtime and services cost.

IT Infrastructure at Beyond Innovation

Most of the businesses and enterprises existing are dependant on central Computing or IT infrastructure, for their survival. As the days are passing, innovative methodologies are being introduced and adopted by the IT managers, all around, to provide incredible pace to an organization.

The highly professional IT consultants at Beyond Innovation are proficient in delivering well designed and implemented IT infrastructures to its clientele. Some of the major IT and computing infrastructure technologies, BI is dealing with include:

SAN management UNIX (Sun, HP-UX, AIX) NT & Windows 2000 Implementation Network Designing
DBA NAS Fibre Channel Switches
Fabric / Loop / QuickLoop Switches Disk Arrays SCSI, RAID clustering environemnst
FC Bus Adapters FCIP Routing Trunking
FC over SONET, DWDM Mirroring / Data Replication Backups / High Availability


Beyond Innovation's Data Center management solution and services enable the customer to access, monitor, manage and control IT and data center applications, with an added ease. The products, to enhance data center management, are designed and developed with a close watch for industry requirements and standards.

Some of the salient features added to BI data center management solutions include:

  • Help desk (24/7 Support and troubleshooting)
  • Quality assurance and Testing of Data center activities and IT infrastructure
  • Data Migration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAN and Network management
  • Database Administration (DBA)
  • Data Center Administration

With such diverse services offered, IT managers at BI are empowering your businesses to act proactively towards success.
IT Infrastructure and Data center management services offered at BI are beneficial to virtually every IT department in our wide scale client industries.

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