Embedded Software Solutions

Embedded software are the emerging technology to facilitate handy devices as consumer electronic items, cellular devices, medical equipment, sporting applications or automated building devices. These consist of small chips or microprocessors enclosed on hardware as mentioned to provide technological quality services.

Embedded Software Solutions - Beyond Innovation

BI provides high quality and effective Embedded Systems to facilitate the clientele needs. The solutions provided by our designing and development teams involve

  • Prototyping
  • Extreme Software Optimization
  • Maximum Functionalities within Hardware Constraints
  • Reduced Development Time
  • Cost Effective Embedded Software Solutions

Embedded Software Domains

The expertise of Beyond Innovation, in the field of embedded systems, range widely across many domains from Client industries. Some of the proficient areas of building embedded systems and applications span across:

  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Writing Device Drivers
  • System Integration Applications
  • Firmware Development
  • Development of Middleware Software Components as HTTP servers, SNMP agents, etc.
  • Mobile/Wireless Devices
  • Diagnostic Software
  • Multimedia applications and Streaming technologies
  • Kernel Development
  • Implementation of Protocol Stacks as TCP/IP, WAP, FrameRelay, ATM, VoIP, USB

At BI, the software development skills when combine with the technological expertise and industry knowledge, our clients experience well-defined market benefits and organizational growth.

Embedded Software Development Services

The system development services provided for developing new ideas or to re-engineer the existing business processes deal with extensive skill sets such as:

VxWorks ThreadX NetOS
pSOS Windows CE iTRON
LynxOS ECOS DSP/ARM based Processors
Microcontrollers Fiber Channel InfiniBand
Linux, Chorus, BSD support VxWorks eCOS


As the embedded systems are growing and demanding aggressive schedules; BI without compromising on quality is achieving the schedules right on time.

The designing and development teams work parallel to cater client demands, requirements and needs. Embedded systems and stand-alone devices, built at BI, are providing major time and cost advantages to its customers.

Look out for more details on our Business Process Re-Engineering and Outsourcing Services.


Aggressive Embedded Solutions - Beyond Innovation