Providing quality Recruiting & Staffing Services to our clients with large or small businesses is BI's major servicing plan since its inception. With growing businesses, managers are more inclined towards recruiting resources that are superlative, progressive and excellent in the industry, without affecting their daily progress.

Recruiting the right personnel for the job is in itself a major endeavor. Based on experience, education and expertise, our consultants assist you with the staffing and recruiting procedures.


While you concentrate on your business advancement; we hunt for right talent to suit your requirements

Recruitment Channels

Beyond Innovation provides your business staff and resources based on three main recruiting and staffing channels which are:

Contract Basis: This channel is based on the time limit for which you may want to hire a resource. If the job requirements are temporary then we hire a human resource on Contract basis. The fee is based on hourly basis for contractual jobs. .

Temporary to Permanent Basis: Usually, we hire a resource for you on temporary or contract basis and you want to be sure about his/her skills and expertise. The contract is flexible and can be extended to make the job and the resource permanent after temporary stage completion. An hourly fee is paid for the temporary period.

Full Time / Permanent Basis: After going through a series of testing and interviewing, we hire for you a qualified person who can start the job immediately as your company's Full-Time resource. For full time resource recruiting and staffing services, our fee approximates the market rates.

Recruitment Industries Range

Beyond Innovation (BI) maintain its record of hiring expert, proficient and trained professionals from various industries for our valuable clients to fulfill their innovative needs. We are providing Recruitment and Staffing services to our clients from various industries for engineers, business managers, advisors, software developers, software architects and designers, architects, financial consultants, project managers, software engineers, quality auditors, internal auditors, bankers, business associates and various other competent resources.

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Empowering Your Business - Beyond Innovation

Recruitment Procedures

BI does an in-depth drilling to get to know the client's exact requirements for an employee. After resource searching, we follow a recruiting strategy designed for the said company, business or client. Generally, BI pursue a three phase procedure to get an employee that follows as

  • Getting the education, experience and past background information about the person we may recruit.
  • The person, who passes the first phase requirements, is monitored through a detailed technical interview by our competent consultants, to determine the extent of services he can offer and his expertise.
  • After the interviewing stage, we may monitor the personnel for communication skills, working skills in team and environment adaptability. Professional development skills are also monitored.

After going through such a tough Recruitment Procedure, we make sure the personnel hired for your business is competent, skilled and highly professional. Since, only competent persons can enrich your business with the industry's top services and technologies.

As the companies are progressing towards major mergers, high growth and development and bigger competitive industry, the need to recruit quality resources is also succeeding. We believe in leveraging and empowering the businesses through worthy resources and we make sure to provide you with a person who can enable your business to grow beyond innovation.