DLP- Data Leak and Impact

Corporate data and confidential information is known to be the backbone of the business functionality. Detecting and controlling the data leakage is becoming an unavoidable liability for many companies yet alone preventing it.

The Data Leakage Prevention solutions provided by Beyond Innovation is unparalleled in the industry based on pre-defined rules and policies such as Gramm-Leach Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, HIPAA, etc.

Data Loss Situation

According to a computer security survey carried out by CSI/FBI in 2006, Data Loss in USA resulted in a loss of approximately $50 Billion. Companies and individuals suffered from this huge loss because of unauthorized access to confidential information, theft of proprietary information, system and network penetration, abuse of wireless network, fraudulently representation of companies in scams, data sabotage and many other such hideous crimes.

Impact of Data Leakage

Data Loss situation discussed above caused a cumulative loss of $16 B. Manifested reasons for this enormous impact of data leakage are:

  • Lost Business
  • Competitor misuse the information
  • Damaged Brand Equity
  • Class Action Suits
  • Higher Risk Ratings
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Higher Audit Costs
  • Lower Bond Yields
  • SEC Fines
  • FTC Actions

Should I pursue Data Leakage Prevention services?

With marked increase in data leakage and sabotage activities, companies are caring even more to prevent data leak in their businesses. In 2006, Goldman Sachs CSO Survey revealed that Information Leakage Prevention is now the 2nd spending propriety for F500 CSOs, after identity management.

To stay out from the list of companies suffering from $16 B loss, Data Leakage Prevention is the right and eminent solution.

Contact us today to prevent the data sabotage, thefts, leakage, and loss. Your data is vital and we have efficient and competent solutions to protect your data.

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