High quality, Expert management solutions and capable service delivery is practiced by the seasoned consultants at Beyond Innovation consulting services. We are providing our expertise leading industries as

  • Telecom Industry
  • Finance & Banking Industry
  • Health Care & Medical Companies
  • Information Technology & Internet Services Industry

Beyond Innovation (BI) is offering consulting services in following areas to ensure clients' full focus on business improvement and expansion:

Outsourcing Your Needs

With the rising businesses, TECHNICAL and FUNCTIONAL needs may become a burden for any company. Our proficient and experienced IT consultants can help you in fulfilling the over-sized workload of your company.

If engineering staff's size and workload, computing resources, technical expertise and functional work balancing is troubling you then we have the right recruiting solutions for you. BI consultants will provide you value through all your technical, managerial, functional and financial requirements.

Resource Deployment

Resources are crucial to any business whether they be computing or financial resources or a group of experienced, professional and well-formed consultants. BI, being the Business Consultancy Leader, provides your business vital Resource Deployment services.

Viewing our client's business requirements, we approach and hire top-notch talents to ensure maximum business leverage. One single personnel to a team of top quality professionals are provided for facilitating our clients in their projects.

BI team comprises of qualified and highly skilled analysts, project managers, architects, software engineers, quality assurance professionals, auditors, accountants, management graduates, financial advisors and engineers. Our proficient consultants serve you on permanent and contract basis or on contract-to-hire base.

Expediting Your Resources | Beyond Innovation

Time Management

BI consultant services provide you with efficient time management skills to manage your on-going projects, hiring activities, project management, solution development and delivery and in other major business activities. Time is of essence and BI works with you to ensure managed and reduced sourcing time. Our client's Expedited time management is our aim.

Area of Consultancy Services

Beyond Innovation (BI) provides you a wide range of services from complete problem-to-solution analysis to customized software applications development and modeling. Embedding emerging technologies to your business and projects and managing IT infrastructure for you is our prime responsibility. Let us present you with a detailed line of business and consultancy services, BI provide to its valuable clients all over USA:

  • Product Management
  • Business Process mapping
  • Project Management
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Process Improvement
  • Applications Designing & Development
  • Resource Deployment & Recruiting
  • Internal Audit
  • IT Solutions
  • Information Systems Assessment and Analysis
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Financial management Solutions
  • Time management Solutions
  • Outsourcing Business Requirements

BI Consultancy Services take optimal approach and design industry strategies to improve your business requirements. We will help you in realizing, setting and meeting your technological, financial and competitive goals.