Investments and Information Exchange is the backbone of every business. Investors look for benefits to their companies while taking any investment and partnership decision.
Beyond Innovation is a professional and experienced firm in the corporate governance field (SOX & Bill 198). Few of our expertise include Consulting and trainings, process management, process re-engineering and Information Technology services. We equally work with small and large sized clients from various industries as healthcare, telecom, IT, finance and banking. With our headquarters in USA, clients in USA and Canada both are facilitated at large.

Investors and business partners can benefit from our programs discussed below:

Investment Advantage

Investment lead in market is not easy; but we achieved the milestone through dedication and innovations in business strategies. Investing offers as "Angel" and "Seed-Stage" are practiced at Beyond Innovation. We are presently working with various investment firms including corporate venture funds, capital firms and corporate incubators; attracting knowledge, capital and connections towards co-investment opportunities.

Partnership Program

Business partners of Beyond Innovation get high benefits in terms of capital, industry and business information exchange through this partnership advantage program. Companies co-exist through web of connections and exchange. Hence, we focus on partnerships that offer mutual profitability in all sense of the word. Partners of Beyond Innovation enjoy structured approach to all major activities whether they are partnership relationships, investor relations or client projects.
Beyond Innovation Inc. is looking for new members, investors and connections for investment. If you are interested in shaking hands with BI as prospective investor or future partner; you can get in-depth insight into services and technologies of Beyond Innovation.  For further queries you can contact us.